Pet Rehabilitation

Using physical therapeutic approaches, we can help heal soft tissue and joint injuries and disease by improving clinical signs and alleviating pain.

Canine Rehabilitation

Our canine rehabilitation services are provided by Dr. Mary Bressman, the only certified canine rehabilitation therapist on the Treasure Coast.

An initial assessment by Dr. Mary will last 75-90 minutes and will include a thorough review of the history, gait analysis, complete orthopedic and neurological exam, assessment, and treatments, which include grade 1-4 joint mobilizations, passive range of motion exercises, massage, and therapeutic exercises.

Also available are other modalities like e-stim for muscle stimulation and laser therapy for pain control as well as to promote wound repair and soft tissue and bone healing.

Who would benefit?

  • Geriatric dogs
  • Arthritic dogs  
  • Dogs recovering from orthopedic/neurologic surgeries
  • Performance dogs
  • Dogs with soft tissue injuries
  • Dogs with delayed or non-healing wounds/fractures
  • Dogs with orthopedic or neurologic injuries

Please call (772) 283-0101 to schedule a rehab appointment today.

a dog with a leash in its mouth